The Genius League is a first-of-its-kind program that provides valuable career development and learning across business, esports, STEM, marketing and culture. The broad range of roles and topics make Genius League an internship for everyone. 

The Genius League hosts two annual sessions for students to participate in career development and exploration at Evil Geniuses. In both the Spring and Fall sessions each Genius League team member has the opportunity to develop professional skills through real-world business scenarios, leadership development, access to mentorship and owning responsibilities for the management and execution of impactful business projects.


Genius League alumni are plotting for world domination with some of your favourite brands:


Social Impact Award Winner for Best Employee Development Initiative


of Genius League alumni graduate with a full-time job


of Genius Leaguers identify as people of color


of Genius Leaguers identify as women

Genius League GOALS


To extend our pursuit of developmental excellence beyond our athletics, the Genius League was founded to provide education in the corporate and competitive spaces of esports with the intention of shaping the next generation of rockstar employees and team members. 


The Genius League reflects the representation we expect to see in our industry and we’re proud to operate one of the most diverse internship programs in gaming. Every person of any size, color, identity, religion and level of fandom has a place in the Genius League.


The Genius League thrives off of the community members that make up our incredible ecosystem. We build community through university partnerships, B2B internship opportunities and brand collaborations while also fostering a safe space for every kind of gamer.

B2B Innovation Internship

In 2023, the Genius League and HPE began offering one Genius League team member the opportunity to focus on work for the Evil Geniuses and HPE partnership. Interns that participate in this exciting opportunity have access to learning on the subjects of innovation, data, technology and esports. They regularly contribute through project planning, project delivery, managing activations and support for innovative HPE driven tools that have direct impact on player development and competitive decision making.

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The Genius League is a one-of-a-kind internship program that provides students with an impactful experience to enter into a career in gaming fully prepared to add value on day 1. We are developing the champions of the future in the boardroom and in the sport

  • Business
  • Data/Analytics
  • Marketing
  • Technology

With two cohorts every six months, we have two recruitment cycles:

September to November

for our January starts

February to April

for our June starts


Game Gym is an esports education platform and community designed to work with beginner and advanced gamers alike. WGA is The University of Washington's Gaming Club. The Genius League will be working closely with their VALORANT club. WGA is The University of Washington's Gaming Club. The Genius League will be working closely with their VALORANT club.