With our League of Legends rosters set to take the stage this weekend, it’s time we talk about our coaching staff.


Following an incredible year of growth and development, we are excited to formalize the promotion of Peter Dun to the position of Head of League of Legends Coaching Staff across all levels of competitive League of Legends. Peter will not only continue to focus on the competitive success of our LCS roster, but with the new role, he will also be enabled to better bring his vision and approach to every player and staff member in our system. 


“We have been nothing but impressed with Peter since his addition to our staff last season. With this new and exciting expansion of our coaching staff, we’re thrilled to be moving Peter into a position to have stronger oversight into Academy and Amateur. His primary focus and duties will remain at the LCS level, but we’re also ensuring that other members of our coaching staff have the opportunity and room to grow and develop under the guidance of Peter’s leadership.” – Andrew Barton, EG General Manager

Taking the reins of the LCS head coach role from Peter will be Gabriel “Turtle” Peixoto, following an impressive 2021 where his contributions as Assistant Coach were vital to the team’s progress and success. As much as we focus on the development of players here at EG, it is equally important for us to provide opportunities for our staff to grow in the same way. 

Since joining our coaching staff, Gabriel has done a fantastic job. Not only does he have an excellent approach to the game and leadership, his work ethic is second to none. He is consistently the first person in office and always amongst the last to leave. In addition to his contributions with the LCS team, he has a lot of respect from staff and players across all levels of the organization through his work with both EGA and EGP. I am confident that Turtle has all the qualities and experience required to do an excellent job coaching our LCS team in 2022.” – Peter Dun, Head of League of Legends Coaching Staff and former EG LCS Head Coach


Additionally, for the new season we are moving Connor “Artemis” Doyle into a new role here at EG as our LCS Performance Coach. In his new role, Connor will work hand in hand with our coaching staff as well as EG operations to better advocate, promote, and improve the health and wellbeing of our players. We want to build the physical and mental strength of our players alongside their mechanical skill. 


The full 2021-2022 Evil Geniuses Coaching Staff:

  • Peter Dun – Head of League of Legends Coaching Staff 
  • Naser Al-Naqi – Head of Scouting 
  • Gabriel “Turtle” Chavez – LCS Head Coach 
  • Earl “Rigby” Han – Assistant Coach 
  • Connor “Artemis” Doyle – LCS Performance Coach
  • Richard “Draxyr” Yuan – Bot Lane Positional Coach
  • Razvan Nistor – Top Lane Positional Coach 
  • Sebastien “zzLegendary”  Demontigny – Academy Coach 
  • Ian “Ido” McCormick –  Prodigies Head Coach 


You can keep tabs on the team this season by following Evil Geniuses on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Tune into the Official LCS broadcast on Twitch and YouTube when our team takes the Rift in the Lock-In Tournament starting January 15th

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