Evil Geniuses Introduces the Creator Collective, Led by Taylor Heitzig-Rhodes

At Evil Geniuses, there are always more layers as we pursue world domination. We know you’ve already met Lisa and ARUUU, the newest additions to the EG talent roster, but now it’s time to reveal the master plan…

Meet The Creator Collective—a group of highly specialized individuals with skills to inspire you to #LIVEEVIL.

To lead the collective, we’ve enlisted Taylor Heitzig-Rhodes as our Director of Talent Management. You might know her from her role as the Head of Talent at Queens Gaming or perhaps from being an esports agent at Evolved. Prior to jumping into esports she worked across various roles at Headspace, and coached chess professionally at STAR Education.

“With the Creator Collective, we are taking the incredible personalities of EG and doubling down to provide them with additional resources and support to grow their audiences,” said Heitzig-Rhodes. “I am so fortunate to be able to come into an established group of loyal, excited, mind-blowingly creative individuals at EG and can’t wait to show you all that we have planned.”

Joining Taylor as our debut group under the Creator Collective banner are: ARUUU, Lisa Wallen, Tarik Celek, Justin ‘FearItself’ Katz, and Stephen “Swim” Huguenard. We’re also bringing in EG FGC titans Ricki Ortiz, Jon ‘dekillsage’ Coello, and Dominique ‘SonicFox’ McLean to elevate our game.

“Don’t worry, our pro players are still going to compete—and dominate, ” adds Heitzig-Rhodes. “While the FGC continues to evolve its competition structure, we want to make sure that Ricki, SonicFox, and dekillsage can continue to connect with their communities in new ways between events.”

Marvel at the Creative Collective’s work across EG channels, and make sure you follow all of our creators to stay updated on streams, videos, and more.

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