Meet EG’s Next Content Creator ARUUU!

Question: What sound does a wolf make?

Answer: ARUUU

Even Evil Geniuses make dad jokes. Anyway, here at EG we’re on a kick for all things Wolves and our newest addition fits right in, meet Alanya or “ARUUU”! 

She has found success as an influencer by being accepting of anyone and everyone who wishes to view her content. At Evil Geniuses, she will be the newest content creator on the team.

ARUUU has the attention of over 1.1 million followers on TikTok, 25k+ followers on Twitter, 97k subs on YouTube, and 102.9k on Twitch! ARUUU thrives at making human connections by being her authentic self – 100% of the time. Inclusion and meaningful connection are core values to ARUUU — core values that we share.

At the end of the day if ARUUU can bring just a bit more laughter and positivity into the world, then she thinks that is something to be proud of. We feel so lucky to have her here with us at EG!

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