gaming youth CAMPS &
genius career SUMMITS

Geniuses are made, not born. (The evil part is usually genetic though.) That’s why we offer gaming youth camps and career summits with access to industry experts. Kickstart your esports journey no matter where you’re at.




Kids can spend the summer on the couch playing video games, or they can get up and innovate. Our gaming youth camps for students in high school or younger give a great taste of everything Evil Geniuses has to offer across esports. But these camps aren’t just for kids. Parents, we got you too. We know the world of esports can be hard to understand. And we’ll answer all your questions as your child goes through camp. (for Ages 13-18 for US Located Individuals and we will follow up via email)

A lot of people want to get into esports, but it’s hard to figure out where to start. Enter Evil Genius career summits. Our experts will give one-on-one mentorship to up and coming professionals. Come for the gaming. Emerge with life and business skills that will set you apart. As a sponsor, you’ll play a crucial role in establishing the next generation of geniuses. (for Ages 18+ for US Located Individuals and we will follow up via email)