Genius League Discord April Events

Are you a student looking for more ways to learn how you can get involved in collegiate and professional esports? Then join EG’s Collegiate Discord events for a chance to learn to about esports and meet students interested in gaming careers. 

Genius League Events – Discuss the esports industry and learn new skills with Evil Geniuses’ Brand Ambassadors. 

  • Collegiate Coffee Chat – April 6th and April 10th at 10AM PT 

         Grab a cup of joe and talk with our brand ambassadors to learn more about how you can get involved in the esports industry.

  • Collegiate Leader Networking Night – April 7th at 6PM PT 

          Join our networking session to meet other student leaders building esports communities.  

  • Growing a Social Media Brand on a Budget – April 13th at 6PM PT 

          Student leaders will learn how to build up a club’s social media presence to organically engage with their student body. 

  • Building a Website on a Budget – April 20th at 6PM PT 

          Our brand ambassadors will teach college students how to design a website and to create a web page for their gaming club. 

  • Building a Club Discord – April 27th at 6PM PT 

          Our team will show you how to build a Discord and how to structure it to increase student engagement. 

Whether you’re a newcomer to collegiate esports or gaming, these events are open to anyone who joins the Genius League Discord. Keep an eye on our #announcements channels in Discord for more ways you can get involved and meet new friends. Attend a chat, workshop, or one of our Thursday game nights at 6PM PT to start your collegiate esports journey. 

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