EvilGeniuses StarCraft 2 Division

Evil Geniuses' StarCraft II roster is made up of some of the most skilled, charismatic, and controversial figures within the StarCraft II community.

EG Division: StarCraft 2

  • HuK

    Every professional gamer faces titanic challenges in the quest to turn their passion into a career. Chris “HuK” Loranger knows this better than anyone. In 2005, things looked grim for the future progamer. Not yet 16, HuK’s life had been derailed by family trouble, poverty and run-ins with the law.

    Full nameAgeNationalityCurrent Residence view profile
    Chris Loranger28 CanadaSan Francisco, California
  • iNcontroL

    Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson is a man who needs no introduction. He’s a terrific Protoss player, an original member and captain of EG’s Starcraft division, and a Brood War veteran. He’s an excellent caster—one of the upper echelon, prized for his combination of deep game knowledge and charismatic personality.

    Full nameAgeNationalityCurrent Residence view profile
    Geoff Robinson31 United StatesSan Francisco, California