EvilGeniuses Halo Division

Evil Geniuses' Halo team comes with a long pedigree of experience with the titular console shooter. Many of our players have enjoyed the series from its earliest incarnations, and are prepared to extend their dominance to wherever it goes in the future.

EG Division: Halo

  • Roy

    Justin "Roy" Brown is widely acknowledged as one of the best pure slayers in the history of the Halo franchise. Dating back to 2007 on team 5K, Lunchbox and Roy came into the scene and immediately made an impact at tournaments placing in the top 4 for the better part of the entire season. Throughout his career, Roy has been defined by his consistent placings at the top alongside his twin brother Lunchbox.

    Full nameAgeNationalityCurrent Residence view profile
    Justin Brown26 United StatesUrbana, Illinois
  • Lunchbox

    Jason "Lunchbox" Brown and Roy, his twin brother and fellow Evil Genius, have been competing together since their inaugural season on team 5K in 2007. Known for his objective play, Lunchbox has been a staple of success in competitive Halo and his playstyle is recognized as the glue that typically holds his roster together allowing his twin brother Roy to shine.

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    Jason Brown26 United StatesUrbana, Illinois
  • Towey

    Ryan Towey is one of the most decorated coaches in Halo history. He has been active in the competitive Halo scene since the flourish of Halo 2 in 2007. and has competed alongside fellow EG teammates Lunchbox and Roy at every national tournament since 2010. His impact on Halo has gone beyond just the competitive side and he has helped forge what we know today of professional Halo.

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    Ryan Towey26 United StatesChicago, Illinois