"Thank you, StuDyy" –
Roster change for EG COD

May 31st, 2017 - Today, we must unfortunately announce we will be parting ways with Jeremy “StuDyy” Astacio, member of the Evil Geniuses’ Call of Duty team. We would like to thank Jeremy for his vital part in helping bring EG back into the Call of Duty community.

As an organization, we will be making sure that Jeremy has the opportunity to find a new home on a competitive roster. We will ensure that he receives proper compensation for events which he has already helped our team qualify for throughout the remainder of the year.


    "It definitely wasn't an easy decision letting Jeremy go, but something had to be done. The goal is to win, and we felt that with the current roster that was not feasible. I just want to say thanks to Jeremy for everything he's put into the team and his time on the squad. I really wish him good luck in the future and wherever he finds a new home."

We look forward to watching Jeremy succeed in the future and wish him nothing but the best. Thank you, Stud.

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