Evil Geniuses Halo Roster Update

May 7, 2017 – Evil Geniuses is making a strong entry into the newest professional Halo season, announcing a highly-experienced roster comprised of a mix of returning and new members.

The new roster includes returning players Jason “Lunchbox” Brown and Justin “Roy” Brown. These brothers have a growing list of accomplishments within the Evil Geniuses organization, including Gold Medal finishes at X Games Aspen 2016 and a near-undefeated streak in 2015.

The team is joined by Michael “Falcated” Garcia and Brett “Naded” Leonard. Garcia brings a notably high skill ceiling and raw talent, evident in his Top 6 finish with Splyce at HWC 2017. Leonard is well-known in gaming circles as one of the most accomplished and seasoned veterans of the Halo scene with his career spanning over a decade.

Ryan Towey, coach of the EG Halo team, explained the process of the change:

  • Towey

    After much thought, the decision was made by Jason, Justin, and myself to continue competing following the 2017 Halo World Championship. While we weren't able to achieve the goals we set together, we would like to thank Cody ("ContrA" Szczodrowski) for his time and effort on the team, as well as Tom ("OGRE2" Ryan), who will be returning to his analyst role with us full time.

    Brett is a long time veteran in competitive Halo and has been a friend of ours for years — after missing several opportunities to team together throughout our careers we are very excited to finally have the chance to develop a team together with him and Mike, one of the best young talents in Halo 5.

Though the Browns have played professionally since 2007 and Leonard since 2006, the three have never been on the same team together. Their 30-plus years in combined Halo experience sets a high mark for the team’s potential to succeed in a new professional series.

  • Lunchbox

    We have decided to team with Naded and Falcated for the upcoming Daytona event and Pro League season. Naded is a veteran who has been around the scene and placed consistently well for 10+ years while Falcated is a rising talent who has proven he is one of the top Halo 5 talents in the league. We are very excited be teaming with them both.

Evil Geniuses fans will get the first opportunity to cheer on the new roster this next weekend, May 12-15, at HCS Daytona.

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