Halo World Championship Finals: Ascension

The largest Halo prize pool of all time is up for grabs and Evil Geniuses has their eyes on the one million dollar prize for first place at the 2016 Halo World Championships. 16 teams from around the world stand in the way of the boys in blue and their chance at another Halo title. The competition will be fierce and unrelenting but EG is no stranger to performing under immense pressure.

The Last Chance Qualifiers last month was a great showing of top tier Halo play. Evil Geniuses progressed through the bracket unfazed until the semi-finals. They faced their old teammate Lethul with his new team CLG. Previously, EG took down their rivals in a great series at the X-Games but CLG was looking for revenge this time around. The first match looked favorable for Roy and the team however in final minutes of the game CLG game back to win it. For the rest of the series EG played on their back foot, the CLG aggression was too much to handle. CLG would go on to win to tournament  and EG would place 3rd overall.

Evil Geniuses has one of the more difficult brackets to compete in. They will face Team Exile5, Team Infused, and Renegades. Team Exile5 is an Australian team that finished second in the qualifying cup to get into the World Championship. Team Infused is the top team from Europe and potentially the strongest team in the group. Renegades yet again is a wild card in this tournament. If they play to their maximum potential they are unbeatable but inconsistence is a huge downfall for the squad. Getting out of this group will not a be an easy task but its nothing that Snipedown and the squad have not beaten before. Other teams like CLG and Allegiance will most likely climb out of their respective groups and be the most dangerous further into the tournament. Hopefully, we will see another CLG vs. EG in the finals and the only wayto find out is to tune in at www.twitch.tv/Halo .  Come cheer on the team to their third HCS championship win and  witness a dynasty in the making!

ScorePlayer 1 Map Player 2Score
2EG (Best of Five) REN3
3EG (Best of Five)EXL0
3EG (Best of Five)INFl0
0EG (Best of Five)CLG3

About Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses is a premier professional gaming team with a worldwide following. Founded in 1999 from humble beginnings, the team has grown to a place of massive influence as one of gaming’s best known brands. Long known by a hallmark of elite players with unbreaking determination, we are unapologetic in victory and the world's best video game team.