Jaedong rolls into GSL Code A!

Posted 2nd of Feb 2016 by Jimmy Blocksom

We enter 2016 with a revised system for the StarCraft 2 championships and a brand new expansion with a fully restructured economy, new units, and arguably a greatly improved competitive game. 2016 is the return to Korea for Evil Geniuses Jaedong and he will be back at the worlds most premier StarCraft Tournament, the GSL. Code A is well under way and we will be now seeing a best of five between The Tyrant himself and Leenock.

Both players have had strong previous results, but neither has been in absolute top form lately with how volatile the Korean StarCraft scene is especially. This Zerg versus Zerg matchup traditionally has been one of Jaedong’s strengths, but has the time away from the Korean scene become too much of a hill for him to climb?

We will find out on this matchup between these two storied Zerg players on the GSL stage. Jaedong overall is 7-4 in matches against the young Zerg lifetime, with no tournament games of Legacy of the Void between them in the expansions early days. We’ve had our first patch, which will not have a large impact on this matchup as a mirror matchup, but could potentially make Protoss opponents in the later stages of the tournament.

The focus though will have all eyes on the two Zergs as both players are hungry for some results and Jaedong being back in Korea will for sure be anxious to have a great showing as the winner moves onto the GSL Code S and the first step in securing 200 WCS Korea points. The games tonight will be broadcast at 1:30AM PST, 4:30AM EST, and 11:30 CEST.

ScorePlayer 1 Map Player 2Score
1JaedongOrbital ShipyardLeenock0
1JaedongDusk TowersLeenock0
0JaedongPrion TerracesLeenock1
0JaedongSky ShieldLeenock1
0JaedongLerilak CrestLeenock1

About the Author: Jimmy Blocksom

Jimmy “DJTyrant” Blocksom is a Technical Support Specialist by day and eSports enthusiast by night. He has been involved in competitive gaming in some form since 2001, competing and running Dance Dance Revolution Tournaments. He has followed and written about StarCraft since 2003, and his most embarrassing StarCraft moment is losing to Colbi at BlizzCon 2005.

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