EG looking for Gold at the X-Games:Aspen

Halo 5 brought a much faster pace to competitive Halo and all the teams had to step up their game from the previous slower title, Halo Master Chief Edition. In addition to a new game, many teams had roster shuffles and rebranding to prepare for the massive $2 Million prize pool.

In the first qualifier, Evil Geniuses looked impressive, continuing their winning streak from last season.  In the second online cup, EG fell to the Leftovers (now Renegades) placing third overall. In the following tournaments, EG stumbled and could not replicate their success of last season. The fourth online qualifier was within the teams grasp but a well-placed enemy grenade killed 3 EG players and lost them the slayer match 49-50.

Right before the roster lock of this tournament, long time teammate, Tony "Lethul" Campbell Jr decided to part ways with EG. Scrambling to find a replacement, Coach Towey called up the young and very talented Hamza "Commonly" Abbaali to become the team's fourth member. The X-Games tournament presents a fantastic opportunity for EG to jump ahead in the points standings but the competition looks much more robust than the Online Qualifiers.

Evil Geniuses will be going against three teams in the initial rounds of the tournament. Dream Team will be their first opponents and this mid-tier team has had very little success in the qualifiers so far this season. EG has previously dominated them but they are never a squad to be counted out of a close fight. Next match will be against longtime rivals CLG and their old teammate, Lethul. CLG looks very strong and the addition of Lethul makes them a serious threat to Evil Geniuses climb to first. Their final enemy in the open bracket will be Penta Sports from Germany. This European team is a relatively new team and looks hungry to prove themselves against the native North American teams of the event.

The X-Games competition starts 5pm EST (2 pm PST) and runs all the way through Sunday. Tune in at to cheer the squad on all the way to first place!

ScorePlayer 1 Map Player 2Score
3EG (Best of Five) Dream Team0
0EG (Best of Five)CLG3
3EG (Best of Five)Penta Sports0
4EG (Best of Five)Allegiance2
4EG (Best of Seven)CLG3
Wins12:8 Losses

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