Dreamhack Welcomes a New Legacy!

Posted November 26th 2015

The new era of StarCraft has finally arrived and Legacy of the Void is here with all of its changes to the core game that are sure to make the game more dynamic and exciting. We have our first Dreamhack now hosting the brand new expansion for StarCraft with an invite and qualification event bringing together five invited players including Evil Geniuses’ Protoss powerhouse HuK, alongside nineteen other players who qualified for this tournament.

The tournament will be broken out into four different groups of six players that will play round robin against each other in best of three series. The top three from each groups will advance to a double elimination playoff where the top player in each group will start in the winner's bracket while the others will start in various parts of the loser’s bracket depending on their placement in the group.

HuK will face off in Group A which is full of Zerg’s and Protoss. The clear favorite of the group is Korean powerhouse Parting. The rest of the group is filled out with many European players including Ukranian Zerg ‘Bly’, Swedish Zerg ‘SortOf’, German Protoss ‘Showtime’, and rounding out the group is Australian Protoss ‘Probe’.

With a young history of Legacy of the Void only being out for a few weeks we still take a look at HuK’s record, against Zerg he is 6-4 in matches currently and in PvP he is 3-2. While there isn’t a whole lot to glean from this data, HuK does have a winning record in the short time of its existence (including beta).

A game this young makes it challenging to predict but HuK has done well transitioning in changes in the life cycle of StarCraft and continues to make strides in advancing his play. The beginning of an expansion like Legacy tend to lend itself to creative play and HuK traditionally has been fairly creative.

Make sure to check out Dreamhack and HuK in the first major event of Legacy of the Void starting November 26th at 12:00 CEST, 3:00AM PST, 6:00AM EST.

HuK finishes 4th in the group and is eliminated from Dreamhack.

  • Group A
    Place / PlayerMWLP
    1 Parting550+3
    2 Showtime532+2
    3 Bly532+1
    4 SortOf523-1
    5 HuK523-2
    6 Probe505-3


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