Moment 37 Reloaded: Another Chance at Glory

Posted November 21st 2014

Ten years ago, the fighting game genre was on a major downswing. With the final few gasps of the arcade renaissance of the early 2000's, iconic developers Capcom, Namco, and SNK began to shy away from their hallmark fighting franchises. Slowly, fighting games faded into obscurity. The ones keeping the genre alive? The competitive community: a.k.a. people like Team EG's very own Justin Wong.

Enter EVO Moment 37, a.k.a. the early FGC's defining moment. In this classic Third Strike match pitting Justin Wong's Chun Li against Japanese legend Daigo "The Beast" Umehara's Ken, Justin was clearly in control for the majority of the battle. Playing a very defensive "turtle-style" game against Daigo was not something many players were capable of doing, but the combination of Justin's skill and Chun Li's abundance of safe answers to Daigo's offensive play began to chip away at Daigo's mental armor (along with his life meter). Just as Justin was about to close out the match with a final Super - it happened: a full parry.

THE full parry.

For those unfamiliar with Third Strike or the Street Fighter III series in general, "parrying" is a mechanic introduced in SFIII as a way to introduce a new level of intense skill-based mindgames to the Street Fighter formula. A player has the ability to parry an attack by hitting towards their opponent at the exact moment before an attack from their opponent would connect. A successful parry will negate any damage the opponent's attack would have done while also allowing the parrying player a lightning-fast recovery and a chance to strike back. The timing for this move is incredibly strict, so a multi-hit parry is a fairly rare feat in a pressure-filled tournament environment. In the case of EVO Moment 37, Daigo managed to successfully parry all 13 hits of Justin's Super and quickly following up to snatch victory from a stunned Justin's grasp. At the time (and even to this day), such a feat is nearly unheard of.

This match would live in infamy for a long time to come. From the shown rivalry in the movie King of Chinatown all the way through several domestic and international tournaments, Daigo and Justin have clashed on the world's stage many times (and in many games) since that moment. 

Now, ten years later, the FGC prepares to honor that match and its two famous warriors. Hosted by Super Arcade's Mike Watson and taking place at the original EVO 2004 venue (the Cal Poly Pomona Student Center), it's time for Moment 37 Reloaded.

Moment 37 Reloaded is set to be much more than a celebration of a historic moment in fighting games: it's a tournament event in its own right. Hosting a variety of international World Warriors all amped up to compete in classic games including Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and Capcom vs. SNK 2, this event is certainly bringing plenty of classic hype to the proceedings.

What can we expect from Justin Wong? While we can expect solid performances across the board (particularly in MvC2, of course), a Third Strike win would be icing on the cake.

Be sure to keep it locked here for the latest results (and a follow-up interview with Justin) following the tournament!

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