Clinton "Fear" Loomis Sidelined by Injury

Posted 28th of May 2014 by Evil Geniuses

Fear has always been an iconic player for me. Captain America. The face of North American DotA. He's played competitive DotA at the highest level since salaried players were a pipe dream and players slept five to a room at LANs. The progress that North American DotA has made is a testament to the sacrifice, commitment and dedication he's given to this game.

It takes an incredibly focused person to have put the years into DotA that Clinton has. The last five months of working with him have shown me that he is also incredibly intelligent, professional and - something not apparent in his online persona - very kind as well. All these things and more are what make having to announce that Clinton will not participate in the next two months of LANs so difficult.

It's been no secret that Clinton has been suffering from a form of tennis elbow for the past few months and hasn't been able to play with the team consistently over that time. Unfortunately, we don't know what the state of his arm will be like for the next two months. We don't know how his recovery will progress or if it will relapse during a strenuous LAN season. Accordingly, we've collectively decided that it would be best for Clinton to sit out until after this year's International. Mason will be filling in for him, as has been happening for the past several months. We're very lucky to have found someone who not only brings a high level of skill to the table, but works well with the other players.

This is a difficult situation for everyone involved, and we are very grateful to Valve for understanding and working with us. As of now, Clinton will focus on continuing to rehab his injury and will seek a casting position for TI4. While his future in Dota 2 is uncertain, one thing that we're sure of is that we'll be around to support Clinton whenever he needs it.

 - Charlie Yang
DotA Player Manager, Evil Geniuses

  • Fear

    Because of my elbow/forearm pain, I have decided to sit out for the remainder of the season. I'm sorry to all of my fans that were expecting me to play at TI, but I will not be playing in any more tournaments for EG, and Mason will be taking my place. I will be writing a blog later explaining in detail why I made this choice and many other factors leading up to my choice and inactivity.

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