EG Parts Ways with Illyes "Stephano" Satouri

Today is a little bit of a sad day for us, but it is also a day of reflection and appreciation.

Today, we're saying goodbye to Ilyes "Stephano" Satouri, one of our organization's favorite StarCraft players - someone whom we both respect and have genuine appreciation for as a person.  Ilyes and the EG organization have parted ways, and going forward he will be working with Meltdown.  For those who don't already know, Meltdown is a unique eSports event company led by Sophia Metz, who has a very exciting vision for where she wants to take things.

While today we are parting ways with a player we have much affection for, EG really doesn't have much to complain about or lament in this situation.  Ilyes at times may have shown the propensity to inspire some controversy, but overall, we have had a wonderful time with him on the team, and we are grateful for it.  From the very start of his tenure with EG, Ilyes brought a unique combination of winning and humor that everyone in our organization appreciated.  In my career, I can't say I've come across another player who accomplished so much while also managing to not take this whole "eSports" thing too seriously.  It's refreshing to work with someone like that.

I can say with confidence that Stephano will be in good hands going forward.  In the past several weeks as the details of Ilyes' future were finalized, I have had the opportunity to speak at length with Sophia from Meltdown, and I've been both encouraged and impressed by what she's had to say.  Given its roots in French eSports and its close relationship with its community, I think Meltdown is actually a great fit for Ilyes, and I'm sure he'll be very happy there.

As far as EG's future with Stephano and StarCraft 2, we're keeping the book open.  While there are a lot of exciting things going on in eSports right now, we have not lost our focus on StarCraft 2.  It remains one of our pillars, especially as we get closer and closer to Legacy of the Void.  And as for Ilyes specifically, we'd love to work with him again in the future if the opportunity comes up.

CEO, Evil Geniuses

  • iNcontroL

    Ilyes is a superstar. Literally. The guy can stroll into a tourney without his luggage, tired from extended and horrific travel, and win. Afterwards, he will party harder and laugh louder than anyone else. Beyond that, though, he is a friend and a comedian. SC2 can get pretty serious, but with Ilyes by your side things seem playful and fun almost all the time. He was more than just a champion for us on EG - he was a brother. Ilyes is one of a kind and will be missed here, but I am glad and happy to hear he will move closer to the French community and work with them more. I know I speak on behalf of all EG players when I say this: We will always root for Stephano and wish him the best in life and in play. Good luck, my friend!

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