Evil Geniuses Welcomes Kevin "PPMD" Nanney

Posted 9th of May 2014 by Antonio Javier

The past year has been an exciting time for the Smash Brothers community, and with great reason -- the announcement of Smash coming back to the EVO stage for a consecutive year, its addition to the MLG Anaheim lineup, the Nintendo sanctioned Smash Invitational at E3 -- there’s plenty of reason to rejoice, and we’re about to give you another.

Today, we are announcing our first new Smash player to the Evil Geniuses family -- Kevin “PPMD” Nanney!

Kevin “PPMD” Nanney: “I am nothing short of ecstatic to join one of the greatest eSports organizations ever! My goal is to have my partnership with EG serve as a beacon of opportunity for Smash and our own ambitions. I am proud of EG, Melee and myself for making this all come together. I will do my best to represent the community well!”

When Kevin and I spoke regarding his performances thus far, he exuded modesty. While he has placed 1st in his last four tournaments, his focus was on his 5th place finish at EVO. Even after winning APEX -- a Smash event arguably more difficult to win than EVO -- Kevin was not completely content just yet.

As the Evil Geniuses Director of Player Operations and Fighting Game Division Manager, I’ve often looked at my team as the FGC’s Ninja Turtles (Choco and Momochi are April O’Neil and Casey Jones, for those keeping track). As Smash is still loosely related to the FGC, I see Kevin as my Usagi Yojimbo -- the badass samurai rabbit with ties to the four turtles.

I am beyond elated to have Kevin on board. As a player that not only has the propensity to win major tournaments, but has the passion to match, I’m confident that Kevin will be an invaluable asset to the team.

About the Author: Antonio Javier

Antonio Javier has witnessed the growth of the fighting game community from its humble beginnings at Battle by the Bay to the behemoth that is Evolution. You can find him gorging on some delicious ramen or ogling some new sneakers. Ryo "Bas" Yoshida is his all-time favorite player.

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