Evil Geniuses Add Call of Duty: Ghosts Team

Those of you who've followed EG's entry points into different games and eSports communities over the years know that sometimes we're ahead of the curve, and sometimes we take our time.  With StarCraft and Dota, for example, we got involved very early.  With League of Legends, we came in later on.  But regardless of when we decide to invest in a game as an eSport, our motivating factor is always the same: we come in when we feel like we've found the right players.  And today, we’ve found the players to represent Evil Geniuses in Call of Duty.  

We’re happy announce today that we’ve come to terms with CompLexity on a buyout agreement that will bring ACHES, Crimsix, Karma, TeePee, and MrX to EG.

The list of accomplishments these individuals have amassed really needs no introduction or additional hype.  They're the reigning World Champions, and the level of play they currently bring to the table commands both respect and admiration from their peers.  Fresh off of a Lower Bracket run at UGC Niagara that culminated in a dominant 6-0 Grand Finals sweep, they’re definitely not short on momentum as they make the transition from coL to EG.  

Patrick “ACHES” Price, Captain of Evil Geniuses Call of Duty: "We're extremely excited to be working with and a part of Evil Geniuses. With their management and leadership, we hope to take the team, the brand, and CoD eSports to an entirely new level. Representing one of the largest names in all of eSports is a huge honor and we could not be more thrilled to showcase the EG brand at the X Games, MLG Anaheim, and other events moving forward. Excellence is what we pride ourselves on, and we plan to continue it under the EG tag."

Needless to say, it’s a big day for the organization, and a big day for the players.  We’d like to publicly say thank you to Jason Bass and Jason Lake from coL for helping make the transaction happen, and for showing a commitment to putting the players in a new home they were happy with.  We can’t wait to see the guys suit up as Evil Geniuses CoD at the X Games, MLG Anaheim, and any other major tournaments the rest of the year may bring.  

Please join us in welcoming Evil Geniuses Call of Duty.


Alex - CEO, Evil Geniuses

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