Killer Instinct Ultra Fighter Champion: Justin Wong!

Posted November 24th 2013

Continuing his record of amazing performances across launch tournament events, Team EG Fighting Game Division member Justin Wong fought his way to a first-place finish in this weekend's Killer Instinct Ultra Fighter tournament finals in Jacksonville, Florida.

Though there was no official stream for much of the Microsoft-sponsored event, Justin spent a lot of time on Twitter talking about his progress throughout the tournament, eventually finishing in first place and receiving his belt from Xbox LIVE's own Major Nelson. 

His character of choice during the tournament was the ferocious Sabrewulf, a close-range rushdown character with a lot of mixup potential courtesy of the various options available to players following his Run maneuver. 

Combined with a damage-increasing Instinct mode and "rapid double" combo trait, Sabrewulf has the ability to do a lot of damage very quickly - a trait Justin certainly used to his advantage throughout the finals of the tournament.  He credited fellow Evil Geniuses Fighting Game Division member Ari "fLoE" Weintraub as well as Eliver Ling for training him up prior to the final matches in Jacksonville.

Justin will be talking with later this week in detail about his tournament experience, thoughts on the KI breaker/counter-breaker "mind game" mechanics, Sabrewulf strategites, and future potential of KI as a major competitive title later this week, so be sure to check back here for more details!

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