Suppy Re-signs with EG; to Play Full Time

Last fall, we added an up-and-coming player named Conan "Suppy" Liu to our StarCraft team for the first time in a while. It came as a surprise to many, because Evil Geniuses as an organization was known (and criticized) at the time for focusing exclusively on blockbuster free agent signings and acquisitions. It was a trend we ourselves recognized earlier in 2012, and had decided to change. We just hadn't found the right up-and-comer yet until we ran into Conan.

I remember the conversation I had with Cody Conners (our GM at the time) when we officially decided to make the move. Truthfully, the pronoun "we" belongs nowhere in the previous sentence. Cody was the driving force behind the deal. Others in management (including myself) were more skeptical. If I remember Cody's words correctly, they went something like, "If we don't sign this player, it will be a huge mistake."

And boy, was he right. If we hadn't signed Conan, it would've been a huge mistake - if for no other reason than him being one of the most positive, energetic, fun people we've ever had on the team. Don't believe me? Check out this gem from earlier this year. How is "Suppy Time" not an official content series?

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Right, so he's cool. We can all agree on that. But he also happens to be a pretty darn good player in his own right. He's consistently been one of our best Western players in 2013, having achieved Premier status in WCS America twice this year, and last November making a deep run in the WCS Global Finals, winning his group and only losing to PartinG (the eventual champion) 3-2 in the round of 8. And he accomplished all of this while splitting his time between school and StarCraft.

We are pleased to announce that we have re-signed Conan for another year. But on top of that, we're even more excited to relay that for the next year, he'll be focusing on StarCraft full-time, which will allow him to further improve his play and also be involved in more content (please, Suppy Time, based Conan Liu).

Having Conan on the team this past year has been a really wonderful experience. We're happy to have kept him on the team, and we expect to see some great things out of him over this next year.

Alexander Garfield
CEO, Evil Geniuses

A message from Conan to his fans:

  • Suppy

    I am excited to finally announce that I am going full time for a year. It's been something I've been thinking about for a while now, and over summer I decided to jump in feet first to pro gaming. I subsequently cancelled my classes for the fall semester at Berkeley. Perhaps a major concern is that right now is not the best climate nor time period for going full-time. Despite this, I feel like this is the right choice for me personally, as moving forward into junior year I would have been overwhelmed by MCATs, medical school applications, upper division classes, research, etc. Becoming a pro gamer is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I don't want to live with the regret of never knowing how good I could have possibly become. Not knowing how well I could have performed had I been full-time last year is already something I regret deeply.

    You may have noticed that I have already moved into the EG house where I have begun practicing. Hopefully during this experience I can remain dedicated and learn more about how to live life outside of school, and I'm sure regardless of my success or failures this will be a valuable learning experience. I know there's been a lot of negativity surrounding the StarCraft scene recently, and I'm hoping that this announcement will provide a brief moment of respite in a community that so desperately needs it: no matter how bad things get, at least you'll know that I will be coming along for the ride too!

    Thanks everyone for the continued support and thanks to Evil Geniuses and our sponsors for making all of this possible.

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