There Was a Time...

Mr. Goodkat: [his first lines] There was a time.
Nick: [groggily looks at his watch] 4:35.
Mr. Goodkat: You misunderstood. I wasn't asking for the time, I was just saying... there was a time.
Nick: There was a time?
Mr. Goodkat: Mmm-hmm. Take Brown Sugar back there, for example. She's pretty fuckin' foxy, right?
[indicates old lady asleep in next row of seats]
Nick: [incredulous] She's 70.
Mr. Goodkat: If she's a day. But there was a time.

Hey :)

So after my initial intro, I just want to say not only is that movie (Lucky Number Slevin) awesome, but that small piece of dialogue is also pretty sweet. It's odd, simple and yet smart -- But what I'd really like to home in on, is the fact there was a time. And that time I'm talking about was for me at least, almost forgotten. I'm gonna have to give you a little back story to what I'm writing about, as write now i'm just gushing with cool movie quotes I could just massively scatter this blog with but of course, that would just be daft and would not fulfill any of the stuff I'd like to share.

Koreans have dominated Starcraft for as long as Starcraft was there to dominate. I like to envisage my Starcraft world a little like how I'd envisage my life as a hobbit almost - Darkness is spreading, the Koreans are orcs - And whom ever is the best Korean at the time let's call him Sauron. As the Koreans dominate more tournaments more easily, let's just say I think of that like Mordor getting stronger, and as a hobbit, sometimes I feel there's nothing I can do!

Even in these times of grave peril, when all hope seems lost, we have had other Hobbits rise to the occasion (and in this scenario let's just say you can turn into Aragorn at any time or another pretty badass character) and foreign members of our community step up to the plate. One of the first guys to give me that gooey feeling of hope and wonder was none other than Idra. I want you to picture this with me, every time I see a foreigner do well I picture this scene:

When I saw Greg take on the might of mordor countless times and do the best he could despite the odds stacked against him, I got goose bumps, every, single, time.

HuK has done it, Thorzain has done it, and hell - Stephano? For a while I kinda felt sorry for The forces of mordor as our rather rambunctious Frenchman was near unstoppable, I no longer had to hope that something out of the ordinary was going to happen, it just would.

These characters all had there times of glory, and Mordor was kept at bay, but as in Fairy Tales, or in this case Lord of The Rings - Evil as of late has been given more time to fester than ever. Hope seemed to be lost, spirits crushed and morale rock bottom.

Everyone in Middle Earth felt it. Let's call the viewers the Elves and the Professional players dwarves/humans/hobbits you name it. So the allied forces are getting pwned left right and center, Innovation is sauron who cannot be stopped, Orcs are just owning everywhere too, The elves are like "well ... Not much we can do here, let's vacate this place and go to the promised land I suppose...." Which is elsewhere for the time being, and as Galadriel says something about the fate of humanity is hanging by a thread or something equally poignant things look pretty dismal.

But when all seems lost, even for the most optimistic hobbit - something genuinely awesome happens. Another hero rises...

And when a hero does rise - the morale, the hope, everything seems to get better. See that video earlier? I'm just as sad and bummed out as the rest of the people, but as soon as Aragorn picks up his sword and says "For Frodo..." And charges those fellows, be very sure that I am one of those hobbits screaming and yelling directly behind him, with new found passion and hope that I forgot existed.

When battling with the unbeatable Foe be it Isildur(Idra) vs Sauron(Tester, MC, PuMa) or the Gandalf(HuK) vs Balrog(MC, Nestea), The girl that owns the Nazgul (Lets say that's Thorzain vs Polt at DH) - And heck, I have to give Aragorn to Stephano, as his list of conquests is far too great. But ultimately I'm here to talk about the hope restored, by a member of our community, who honestly I didn't think could give me this feeling. And for that he will be the greatest member of our fellowship of all: Frodo(Naniwa). While some may say he is the best foreigner, and so it isn't unexpected at all, and while him winning for sure isn't unexpected, the fact that he was my beacon of hope, and is my motivation for the next few weeks is something I find greatly unexpected.

Despite being a member of our community that is sometimes frowned upon, he lit a fire in me, and as I watch Starcraft from this point on, I definitely feel more hopeful than ever, and inspired and invigorated to practice. IEM was the tournament we needed, and the tournament I loved. Despite the lack of terrans which would usually turn my head in the opposite direction - I enjoyed this tournament for much more than just starcraft, I found love and hope again.

There was a time, and that time was when foreigners matched up to Koreans. There was also that time when we got slaughtered by them. And now there's this time when one man alone again fights the forces of Mordor and does pretty frickin darn well doing so.
I'm so happy to be reminded of great moments like this. I don't play this game because it's easy, I play it because it's the best and hardest. Sometimes it feels dark and hopeless, but like uncle Ben says in Spider man, With great power comes great responsibility, and every name I have mentioned in this blog has used his power and tried to overcome every hurdle they've come up against. Let's not leave everything up to these minor few people, let's not wait for Aragorn to march in alone, or Legolas to do some crazy shit, or Gandalf to carry, Like the video earlier in this blog, we're not alone and never have been, I'm motivated and ready to do this more than ever, while it may take a moment of brilliance to remind me of all of this, I shall not forget, and neither should you. While these moments are rare, that's what makes it so special when it happens, good guys prevail and that's what I like to see, let's not leave it all up to those few names mentioned though, Every character, big or small - Merry, Pippin whom ever - Heck I'm gonna be Samwise in this case:

While I may not be Carryin' the load, I'll sure as hell help the guys that are as much as possible, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I won't leave them alone to do all the work either.

So thank you to those heroes, and thank you to the future heroes to come. We love this game for a reason, and we shall do good by it, and for the people whom also share our passion. Let's make this our time!

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