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  • The Carnage in Canada Continues: Toryuken 5

    Following an all-EG Top 3 finish in Vancouver last weekend, the Fighting Game Division heads for Toronto...

    read more Posted 20th of May 2016 Michael Migliacio
  • Evil Geniuses Announces AMD Sponsorship

    Evil Geniuses (EG), a world-leading pro gaming team and new media agency, is pleased to announce a year-long sponsorship by AMD, who will be the exclusive provider of processors and Radeon graphics cards for the team. AMD will also outfit Evil Geniuses with high-end computers to elevate some of the world's top pro gamers to new heights.

    read more Posted 18th of May 2016 Evil Geniuses
  • Russian Rumble at the Epicenter

    With a week to prepare and retool after the WePlay Season 3 finals in Kiev, EG goes for another round in Russia as the Epicenter LAN begins.

    read more Posted 10th of May 2016 Chris Paredes
  • Southern Showdown: Dreamhack Austin

    The weather is heating up, and so are the battles as Team EG's Fighting Game Division heads south to Austin, Texas...

    read more Posted 6th of May 2016 Michael Migliacio
  • Dreamhack comes to America with EG StarCraft!

    EG returns to Texas for another StarCraft tournament, this time it'll be in Austin, Texas hosted by Dreamhack. This is the first ever Dreamhack in the states and will be one to look forward to as both Suppy and HuK look to make a splash!

    read more Posted 6th of May 2016 Jimmy Blocksom
  • A New Challenger Appears: NWM VIII

    After traveling the world, Team EG's Fighting Game Division converges on Washington to challenge Northwest Majors 8...

    read more Posted 29th of Apr 2016 Michael Migliacio
  • Initiation in Russia: EG Debuts in WePlay

    The newly reformed EG DotA roster makes its first appearance this weekend at the WePlay Season 3 finals.

    read more Posted 27th of Apr 2016 Chris Paredes
  • Fight On: Red Bull Kumite and More

    Justin Wong and Yusuke Momochi will be taking on 12 of the world's strongest Street Fighters in Paris this weekend at the Red Bull Kumite...

    read more Posted 23rd of Apr 2016 Michael Migliacio
  • Back in Blue: Bulba on his Return to EG

    Last year Sam "BuLba" Sosale to help guide the Dota 2 team to victory as its coach. Now the team will rely on him as their new offlane player in the quest to repeat. Read his latest interview with Evil Geniuses regarding his homecoming to EG and more.

    read more Posted 19th of Apr 2016 Chris Paredes
  • Justin Wong: Pokémon Master

    With the launch of Pokkén Tournament, one of Team EG's Fighting Game Division members is looking to become the very best, like no one ever was...

    read more Posted 9th of Apr 2016 Michael Migliacio