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Full nameAgeNationalityCurrent Residence
Syed Sumail Hassan18 United StatesSan Francisco, California
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Syed Sumail Hassan's Biography

Sumail "Suma1L" Hassan exploded into the Dota world out of nowhere in 2015. At the young age of 15 and playing in his second ever live event, his absolute domination of the mid lane led EG to first place in gaming’s largest prize pool. He would go on to repeat the feat at TI5 a few months later, where he silenced critics and took home the aegis. He sits comfortably on the short list for greatest mid player of all time.

Sumail had been relentlessly targeted for ganks and everyone expected the untested mid player to have little impact for the rest of the game. But Sumail didn't just recover; he became the driving force behind EG's victory. Such is the raw talent the phenom who, in the span of a single week, proved he not only belonged in one of the top teams of the world, but he forced himself into the debate about best mid player of the world.

Sumail first made a name for himself among the top players of the North American scene by becoming the highest rated player in the in-house league, NA Elite League. However less than a handful of pubstars have shown the ability to transition their game to the major leagues. Most players have games built on flash, but no fire, and eventually fade into obscurity. However, EG could see that Sumail was the real deal and took a chance on the unknown.

Thrust immediately into a Tier 1 team competing against the best in the world, it was do or die. With his unforgettable performance at the Dota Asia Championships, Sumail joins an elite group of DotA legends by becoming the exemplar of his trademark hero. Like ZSMJ's Medusa or BurNIng's Antimage, Storm Spirit will forever be linked to the young prodigy.

And he's just getting started.

Main achievements

  Event Placement Year
1st 1st 2nd 2nd 3rd 3rd 4th 4th+
China Top 2016 1st 2016
The Boston Major 3rd 2016
Elimination Mode 2.0 2nd 2016
The Summit 6 3rd 2016
MDL 2016 Autumn 1st 2016
The International 6 3rd 2016
The Summit 4 1st 2015
The International 5 1st 2015
ESL One Frankfurt 2015 2nd 2015
The Summit 3 2nd 2015
Dota 2 Asia Championship 2015 1st 2015


  • Sumail's older brother, YawaR, also plays professional DotA for Team eHUG.
  • Sumail started playing DotA when he was eight years old.