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Kevin Nanney26 United StatesRaleigh, North Carolina

Kevin "PPMD" Nanney is one the top professional Super Smash Bros. players in the United States and a legend in his home state of North Carolina. In Smash Melee, his Falco is widely considered among the best in the world. read more

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  • Steve Collins 14th of Oct 2014

    Hi PPMD! I am huge fan of yours. I am new to SSBM and im certain I want to main marth. What are the most important things for me to do as a new player maining marth?

  • PPMD 19th of Oct 2014

    For maining Marth you want to make sure you can dash backward and pivot grab(in place grab) or dash JC grab forward to catch people if they attack you. You also want to be very good at hitting people with Uair/Utilt/Fair if people are ever in the air it helps a lot!

  • Adan Rodriguez 28th of Sep 2014

    Hey, my brother and I are huge fans. We love to see you play. We have just recently been following the ssbm tournaments. You think you can send me a link of the tournaments you will be in? We want to support you as much as we can. Thanks.

  • PPMD 1st of Oct 2014

    Hey what's up fans! I'll be at Apex 2015 in January 2015 and the link for the event on Facebook is so be sure to check that for stream updates so you can see me play!

  • Dustin Todd Richards 11th of Aug 2014

    hey im a new smash player. i main peach but i need a 2nd dary, any really good characters to play as? and any tips for them>?

  • PPMD 25th of Aug 2014

    A good secondary for Peach is really any top tier character, but I might focus on Fox if I were you since he covers many matchups and stage issues Peach has. If you want to be good with Fox, learn to get your tech skill down like waveshines and SHFFLs and edge dashes and also get a really strong punish game!

  • Christopher Ralph Mauro-Barias 4th of Aug 2014

    I looked at your most recent interview on Even Match up gaming and i was curious because you brought these issues up before. What are they? Is it too personal to talk about? Im really curious because you brought this topic up and MLG. Its really suspenseful. Please reply . I really love watching you play been a fan since you beat M2k at ROM 3 and Pound 5 vs Armada has got to be my fav grand finals to this day :P

  • PPMD 9th of Aug 2014

    Yeah they still persist even to this day. I do not feel comfortable bringing them up right now but I will say that the effects have built over time and compounded through the summer. I am getting a bit better and I think this down time is very good for my improvement! I hope to bring back the Pound 5 excitement in my play to many events once I make it through, keep your faith! =)

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