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Full nameAgeNationalityCurrent Residence
Kenneth Bradley28 United StatesOxon Hill, Maryland
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Kenneth Bradley's Biography

Kenneth “K-Brad” Bradley may not seem like it at first glance, but he is without a doubt an international terror. He made a splash in 2012 by defeating Infiltration (fresh out of his domination at EVO 2012) convincingly at Seasons Beatings Ascension. From that moment on, a target was painted on his back as the “International Killer”. Little did people know that his very own Killer Bee was primed for more.

K-Brad is a character specialist, relying heavily on his intimate knowledge of Cammy. He is known for his amazing execution, and capability to adapt to any play style. While his forte is in Street Fighter 4, he is also more than capable of playing Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 at a high level. As with his EG brother, Justin Wong, K-Brad utilizes a highly underrepresented character for UMvC3 in Trish.

He has ranked in the top 20 in Street Fighter 4 according to’s comprehensive ranking system, and is arguably one of the best -- if not the best -- Cammy player in the world.

Before signing with EG, he was in an unbelievable hot streak, placing Top 8 in 8 out of 10 of his last tournaments, winning 3 of them. Upon his signing, he continued his hot streak by helping the team achieve an All-EG Top 3 at Texas Showdown 2014. In addition to participating in the Tokyo Game Show tournament in 2015, K-Brad most recently took home a third-place finish at this year’s Kumite in Tennessee and is currently diving into Street Fighter V.

Main achievements

  Event Placement Year
1st 1st 2nd 2nd 3rd 3rd 4th 4th+
Undefeated 2017 2nd 2017
CPT NA Finals 5th 2016
Canada Cup 5v5 1st 2016
SoCal Regionals 2016 3rd 2016
Kumite in Tennessee (SFIV) 3rd 2016
Summer Jam 9 (USFIV) 5th 2015
UFGTX (Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition RO8 2014
Canada Cup 2013 - Injustice 2nd 2013


  • At Seasons Beatings Ascension, K-Brad made his name in the fighting game community by beating Infiltration.
  • K-Brad got his start in competitive gaming with Madden before switching to Street Fighter.
  • K-Brad only likes to play female characters in solo games.