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Artour Babaev21 CanadaVancouver, Canada
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Artour Babaev's Biography

Artour "Arteezy" Babaev is undoubtedly the most infamous character in Dota history. His combination of flawless mechanics and unparalleled efficiency quickly brought him to the forefront of the scene, breaking down traditional structures of the game. Back in an EG jersey for a third time (don’t ask), Arteezy has much to prove to his large following, who very often blur the line between fan and fanatic.

Though his colossal talent was evident to anyone who had the misfortune of laning against him, Arteezy initially delayed any thoughts of going pro on account of his youth, choosing instead to serve as a training partner for active professional mid-laners.

Nevertheless, in April 2013 he was recruited to the international team Kaipi squad, which would later become Speed Gaming and subsequently Cloud 9. Despite helping Kaipi achieve impressive results, Arteezy left the team to focus on schooling, choosing to join team Take Five to compete in amateur tournaments while finishing his senior year of high school. But a star as bright as Arteezy’s could not remain hidden forever. In November 2013 at MLG Columbus, Speed Gaming was left one man short due to visa complications and asked him to stand in for the tournament. That weekend, Arteezy handily defeated virtually every elite mid-laner in the world en route to an underdog victory for Speed Gaming over heavily favored Chinese super-team DK. With a LAN victory in hand, critics claiming he was nothing but a toxic pubstar were forever silenced and Arteezy's rise to the top of the DotA world had begun.

Joining EG at the start of 2014, Arteezy helped propel EG to the top of the Western scene. His versatility in mid allowed EG to not only utilize the relentless pusher style mid heroes of the day, like Death Prophet and Tinker, but to pioneer a new style of gold reliant mid play with unorthodox farmers such as Lycan and Drow Ranger. EG's opponents found themselves overwhelmed, unable to keep any of EG's cores down without the others snowballing out of control. Arteezy helped lead EG to multiple podium finishes such as 1st at The Summit 1, 2nd at ESL Frankfurt 2014, and 1st at the MLG T.K.O. EG's season would conclude with a 3rd place finish at The International 4, highest among all Western teams and the highest placement ever for a North American squad.

Following TI4, there were glimpses of possible dominance that EG could achieve as they continued to grow. A month and a half after TI4, EG took the WEC 2014 title defeating the new line-ups of the only two teams that had bested them at TI4 -- champions Newbee and runner-up ViCi Gaming. EG would capture two more titles with Arteezy, DreamHack Winter 2014 and StarLadder X. But with only one more chance to solidify rosters before The International 5, Arteezy left EG to join Team Secret, as their carry player.

Arteezy helped make Secret a legitimate super team and his elite carry play propelled Secret to four straight titles -- Battle Grounds, The Summit 3, MarsTV Spring 2015, and ESL One Frankfurt 2015 -- making them the team to beat going into TI5. However like many favorites before them, Secret failed to sustain the momentum and the title eventually went to none other than EG.

His hunger to be the best unabated, Arteezy is now back on EG and ready to help the team capture immortality a second time. Foes beware and fans bleed blue, the A-God returns.

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Main achievements

  Event Placement Year
1st 1st 2nd 2nd 3rd 3rd 4th 4th+
Manila Masters 2017 1st 2017
The Kiev Major 3rd 2017
Dota Pit League Season 5 1st 2017
China Top 2016 1st 2016
The Boston Major 3rd 2016
Elimination Mode 2.0 2nd 2016
The Summit 6 3rd 2016
MDL 2016 Autumn 1st 2016
The Summit 4 1st 2015
DreamHack Winter 2014 1st 2014
StarLadder Season 10 Global Finals 1st 2014
ESL One New York 2014 2nd 2014
World Esports Championships 2014 1st 2014
The International 4 3rd 2014
ESL One 2nd 2014
HyperX D2L Western Challenge 1st 2014
DreamHack Summer RO8 2014
StarLadder Season 9 Global Finals 3rd 2014
MLG T.K.O. America 1st 2014
StarLadder Season 9: America Regionals 1st 2014
Monster Energy Invitational 1st 2014


  • Arteezy developed much of his skill as a mid player through his service as a training partner for top talents like Sam "BuLba" Sosale and Gustav "s4" Magnusson.
  • Following his expected graduation from high school in May 2014, Arteezy plans to take time off from his education to focus exclusively on DotA. After DotA, he hopes to transition to work for the USDA.
  • Arteezy is well-known for his exceptionally sophisticated taste in music, surpassed only by his devotion to the finer points of etiquette.