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Saahil Arora28 United StatesSan Francisco, California
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Saahil Arora's Biography

Saahil "Universe" Arora is a decorated Dota veteran and TI5 champion, that has competed in all of Valve's yearly championships. A long-time fixture of the North American scene and one of the most consistent offlaners in the world, Universe is the player you can always count on to level the playing field in even the most out of control games.

UNiVeRsE transitioned to Dota 2 following the first International, joining the It’s Gosu squad to showcase his considerable talents to a new generation of fans. UNiVeRsE would move on to the short-lived Quantic Gaming team, where he would place 2nd in the first season of JoinDOTA's Defense, losing out in the finals to then-reigning TI champs Na'Vi.

Eventually UNiVeRsE would rejoin his teammate Fear on EG as their new hard support player. His ability to change the course of a fight by specializing in high impact team-fight heroes such as Tidehunter, Ancient Apparition, and Lich served him well during that first stint with EG. In the months leading up to the second International, UNiVeRsE helped EG to a Top 3 finish at DreamHack Summer and the BeyondTheSummit World Tour. The latter included huge wins over Chinese powerhouses LGD, TongFu, and Team DK. The Eastern teams would take revenge later that summer when EG was eliminated from The International 2 in 9th place, despite making it to the Winners' Bracket, but UNiVeRsE's outstanding play helped EG be one of the few teams to take a map off the eventual champions, iG.

Following The International 2, UNiVeRsE took a short hiatus from DotA to focus on his studies. In 2013, he would re-enter the scene as the new offlane player for Dignitas. Showing no signs of rust at all, UNiVeRsE blossomed into one of the most proficient offlaners in the entire Western scene and was a key part of Dignitas' sustained success. Despite a prolonged slump going into The International 3, Dignitas surprised everybody with a breakout performance in the group stages, barely missing the Winners' Bracket. UNiVeRsE finished in 9th place in his third TI outing.

During the busy TI3 offseason, UNiVeRsE was chosen by Fear to rejoin Evil Geniuses because of a talent matched only by his drive to be the best. His transition to the offlane has not hindered his propensity for game-changing big plays. EG knows that it can rely on UNiVeRsE to deliver whatever the team needs - whether it's creating room for the other cores need to farm by besting the enemy trilane or turning a game around with a perfect five-man Chronosphere.

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  • UNiVeRsE once lost $5 to Fear due to being unable to win a co-op bot match in under 10 minutes. This made him very SAD.
  • UNiVeRsE chose his tag because of his interest in astronomy and discovering whole new worlds. He attributes this passion to his past life as Ali, the Prince of Agrabah.
  • During UNiVeRsE’s first tenure with EG, he played support role alongside Maelk. Now he plays the offlane role.