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Yuko Momochi30 JapanTokyo
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Yuko Momochi's Biography

Yuko “ChocoBlanka” Momochi is one of the Fighting Game Community’s best-known female world warriors. Choco claims to be a relative “newcomer” to fighting games – having begun her competitive career on the original Street Fighter IV – but quickly made a significant impact on the Japanese competitive scene. Choco can boast she is one of a select few that can defeat the likes of Mago, and was also named the first female tournament champion of GodsGarden.

As a member of Evil Geniuses, Choco continues to make waves in local and regional tournaments in Japan, and has participated in several exhibitions and international tournaments including Shadowloo Showdown and CEO, as well as EVO for several years running. Aside from keeping up on her streaming and competitions, she has appeared at fighting game exhibitions around the world, including a special DarkStalkers: Resurrection event in Taiwan where she battled some of Capcom's most famous developers and currently serves as co-director of Shinobism -- a new enterprise geared at training up-and-coming young fighting game talent -- along with her partner and fellow EG teammate, Yusuke Momochi.

More recently, Choco has become a face and voice for female professional gamers on Japanese television and Internet programming, with appearances on the popular "Zoom In! Saturday","Union Times", and many others, in addition to hosting training/tournament events for Japan's Street Fighter fans. She has been selected as one of 2015's 100 most influential Japanese women by fashion magazine ROLa for her work in furthering eSports and the Fighting Game Community. Along with continuing to hone her skills and remain a fierce competitor in tournaments large and small, Choco has found a calling in inspiring fighting gamers worldwide.


  • Choco Cup is the name of ChocoBlanka's tournament in Japan.
  • In Choco's band, she is the lead singer.
  • Choco began by playing Street Fighter 4 competitively.