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Geoff Robinson31 United StatesSan Francisco, California

Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson is a man who needs no introduction. He’s a terrific Protoss player, an original member and captain of EG’s Starcraft division, and a Brood War veteran. He’s an excellent caster—one of the upper echelon, prized for his combination of deep gam... read more

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  • Kyle Green 10th of Oct 2013

    Besides worker production, what are the best fundamentals every low league player should work on getting down solid?

  • iNcontroL 11th of Oct 2013

    SC2 is a mechanical game and if you classify yourself as a "beginner" the key functions you should be able to perform to the best of your abilities would be efficient mining (16 on each mineral line, 3 on each gas) and then the golden TWO spending your money (not going above 1k minerals until maxed) and not being supply blocked. Obviously it is more complicated than this but as a beginner these are the basics you should focus on!

  • Nick Schwab 10th of Oct 2013

    Masters Zerg here. I'm a huge fan of you in particular both as a personality and a great toss player. I am looking to get to a point where I can play random. Where should i start learning with protoss?

  • iNcontroL 11th of Oct 2013

    Well thank you for the kind words! My first bit of advice would be DON'T! If you have aspirations of being competitive or successful in any shape or form playing random will only set you back.. the numbers speak for themselves! Name a strong random player. Now name 100 strong Z's/P's/T's ! That being said as a Zerg player wanting to explore Protoss I recommend you of course work on the basic "gateway" type builds (as in entry level) 1 gate expand in PvT, Nexus first in PvZ and 2 gate expand/tech harass in PvP. You are skilled at the game but are trying a new race so don't feel too pressured to do well instantly!

  • Will Daniel 10th of Oct 2013

    I do have a question, Probably a common one, but first I want to say that you're awesome, funniest guy in the biz, and we're all grateful to have you around man, and I hope you're doing well.

    Now for my Question. I'd like to know how long it took you to hit the pro level. I'm an aspiring pro, and I'm working my ass off, but it feels like I'm not seeing any improvement, I do about 8 hours a day at least, and no improvement, its actually really frustrating. Any words of advice would be nice thank you.


  • iNcontroL 11th of Oct 2013

    Thank you for the kind words <3 Unfortunately there is absolutely no answer to this question. For some it takes years, for others in those years they never strike gold and yet again for some they are prodigies and they see success immediately. If you are practicing 8 hours a day you should see a week to week improvement in your ladder rank and overall success in customs/practice. if you are not.. you will want to evaluate where you are at in life. Can you afford to spend years chasing down this dream? If so, go for it! If not, maybe instead play hard but also ditch the idea of going pro for now.

  • Evan Blair 10th of Oct 2013

    Hey man! Are you looking forward to anything Starcraft related at Blizzcon this year?

  • iNcontroL 11th of Oct 2013

    My hope is that Blizzcon is THE tournament of the year for us SC2 fans. Each season final for WCS has been nice but nothing to blow our mind. I am hoping Blizzcon is our answer, our mark on what the SC2 scene can accomplish.

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