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Geoff Robinson31 United StatesSan Francisco, California
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Geoff Robinson's Biography

Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson is a man who needs no introduction. He’s a terrific Protoss player, an original member and captain of EG’s Starcraft division, and a Brood War veteran. He’s an excellent caster—one of the upper echelon, prized for his combination of deep game knowledge and charismatic personality.

He’s also a pillar of the famed “State of the Game” podcast, a community figure with tens of thousands of posts on, and arguably the most accomplished troll in the Starcraft community. He is also a buff, powerful, intimidating man, capable of crushing a hydralisk’s skull with his bare hands.

In Starcraft: Brood War, iNcontroL was a top-tier Zerg player. He won WCG USA 2007, defeating formidable opponents Artosis, Skew and Nyoken along the way. When Starcraft II came out, iNcontroL switched to Protoss and never looked back. Today he is one of the most recognizable Protoss players in the world, and certainly one of the most talented to come out of North America.

Ever-present in the Starcraft II community, iNcontroL never misses an MLG. He placed 4th in MLG Dallas 2011, which, at the time, was the highest finish of any EG member at an MLG. He was also a driving force behind the first season of the NASL. Despite no longer being officially associated with the NASL in later seasons, iNcontroL remains an outspoken proponent of the league, supporting them in any way he can.

Beginning in mid-2012, Geoff began taking his charisma on the road to host, commentate, and direct more and more live events. He's since become a staple of Dreamhack events in Sweden, Bucharest, and Valencia, where his overwhelming handsomeness has left behind more broken hearts than Surgeon Simulator 2013. He has also remained active with EG's own league, the SC2L (formerly, the EG MCSL) and major StarCraft II events throughout North America.


  • Was featured on a TV show broadcast on national TV.
  • Can bench press the weight of the entire EG team combined.
  • Is the live host of the DreamHack events.
  • Is married to EG Staff Member Anna Prosser.
  • Is known for his protoss play and commentating.