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Clinton Loomis29 United StatesSan Francisco, California
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Clinton Loomis's Biography

Clinton "Fear" Loomis is widely known and respected as "Old Man Fear", with an unrivaled presence in the competitive scene of Dota since 2006. Retiring after over a decade of regular competition and now in his new but familiar role as Coach, Fear will look to closely monitor and mold this group into a true powerhouse which will represent EG on the global stage.

Part of the first generation of North American DotA players, Fear rose to prominence as the #1 ranked player on IHCS. Fear's dominance helped his team earn a sponsorship from compLexity and were quickly regarded as the best North American DotA team at the time. Despite placing 2nd in the Cyberathlete Amateur League (CAL) DotA, the coL roster disbanded.

Having outgrown the competition offered in the NA scene, Fear headed to Europe to join the ground-breaking MeetYourMakers DotA squad. Alongside other superstars of Western DotA, Fear helped MYM cement its legendary stature with nearly a dozen online championships alongside indisputable LAN results such as 3rd place at ESWC 2008, 2nd at DreamHack Summer 2008, and 1st at DreamHack Winter 2008. After leaving MYM, Fear was one of the founding members of EG’s original WC3 DotA team which captured two CEVO championships in addition to consistent top placings in the Farm4Fame series and the ESL Major Series.

Following the dissolution of the original EG DotA team, Fear would join the international division of the famous Chinese DotA team Nirvana. Fear helped lead to a 4th place finish at ESWC 2010, 2nd in Farm4Fame 2.5, 2nd in CM Storm the Front before concluding on a 7th place finish at the first International.

With DotA poised to become bigger and better than ever with the imminent launch of Dota 2, Fear rejoined EG as the cornerstone of its new Dota 2 squad. The only remaining player from the original roster, Fear has won a new generation of DotA fans with his consistently stellar play. The "Old Man of Dota" continues to be a pillar of Western DotA guiding EG to top three finishes in premier tournaments such as The Defense, DreamHack, RaidCall EMS One, The Premier League, The American Dota League, and WePlay.

The Captain of the EG.DotA team can do it all. Fear won the first major Dota 2 solo mid tournament, the BeyondTheSummit FistfulofTangoes, against some of the professional circuit's best mids including S4 from the reigning The International 3 champions Alliance. When Captaining EG from a support position, Fear uses his superb decision making and instincts to control the map with mind-boggling Impales on Nyx Assassin and position himself for unbelievable turn-around Spell Steals on Rubick.

Now returning to the hard carry position to anchor the new EG line-up, Fear has stepped back from shot-calling and drafting to focus more on chaining together the killing sprees that have made him one of the most deadly carries in the West. While Fear certainly knows how to put farm to use, as seen with his infamous Sven one-swing ultra-kills on Na'Vi, Fear excels on heroes such as Morphling, Syllabear, and Clinkz where he can leverage his decision-making to get his team a lead early. Fear has also showcased his ability to put opponents on tilt with curveball carry play, such as taking Juggernaut middle or playing traditional support Dazzle as a farmer.

Known for his stoic expression even as his teammates celebrate victory around him, Fear's focus is unbreakable. He sees only the next conquest ahead - the next trophy and the next championship. With a team brimming with new talent and limitless potential, it will be the Fear Factor that assures EG its rightful assent to the top of the DotA world.


  • Fear stayed in Arizona at the EG Lair with the StarCraft II team while training for TI3. He became a big fan of Arizona Ice during his stay.
  • Despite not playing mid professionally, Fear claimed the Fistful of Tangoes 1v1 Solo Mid Championship by defeating Alliance's S4 in the Grand Finals.
  • Fear is one of the players featured in Valve's documentary on professional DotA players, Free to Play.