Who We Are

Founded in 1999, Evil Geniuses (EG) have become a leading new media agency specializing in contracting professional gamers, creating online and offline video game broadcasts, and developing engaging marketing initiatives aimed at attracting and influencing gamers worldwide.

With a client portfolio that includes Intel Corporation, Anheuser-Busch, Papa Johns, Monster Energy and Kingston Technology among many others, gamers across the globe consider Evil Geniuses to be the world's premiere video gaming team and a preeminent leader in e-sports. The team, a separate entity within our agency, has become home for popular gaming celebrities like Justin Wong, Geoff "iNcontrol" Robinson, Stephen "snoopeh" Ellis, Clinton "Fear" Loomis, and Lee "Jaedong" Jae Dong. Our players and teams have brought home championship trophies and titles from every major gaming tournament in the world, and continue to be influential figures for gamers everywhere.

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StarCraft 2 The birth of EG StarCraft

Evil Geniuses launches new StarCraft: Broodwar team after acquiring five well-known North American players, including Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson.

StarCraft 2 The expansion of EG StarCraft

September 2010. - With the launch of StarCraft II and its immediate connection to video game live streaming, Evil Geniuses acquires contract of Greg "IdrA" Fields; considered by most gamer at the time as the best non-Korean player in the world.

StarCraft 2 The first championship

Immediately following the acquisition of Greg "IdrA" Fields for EG's StarCraft II team, Fields goes on to win Major lEAGUE gAMING's live tournament in Washington, D.C., marking his first major championship in StarCraft II under the EG banner.

StarCraft 2 Signing DeMusliM

January 4, 2011. - Considered by most e-sports fans as Britain's top top StarCraft II pro gamer, Benjamin "DeMusliM" Baker becomes EG's first international pick-up for the StarCraft II team.

StarCraft 2 Roster undergoes major changes

February - May, 2011. - Prior to the release of Heart of the Swarm, EG's roster underwent a number of changes, which included the departures of longtime members Jacob "LzGaMeR" Winstead, Lee "PuMa" Ho Joon, and Greg "IdrA" Fields. However, reinforcements were quickly brought in to strengthen the team, particularly in Proleague. Park Yong Woon, known by the community as Coach Park, was hired to oversea the team's training and preparation along with Han "aLive" Lee Seok and Kim "Oz" Hak Soo, both accomplished players, who would bolster the team's roster.

Sponsorship Monster Energy Sponsors Team EG

Evil Geniuses announced an exclusive sponsorship with Monster Energy. This significant relationship marks the first time that Monster Energy has aligned its iconic action sports and hard driving music-associated brand with a professional gaming team.

StarCraft 2 Success in IPL Season 1

IGN completed their first jump into eSports with the EG Proleague, which featured four EG players. Greg "IdrA" Fields coasted through the tournament without much trouble up until the Grand Finals where he bounced back from a 2-0 deficit to take the tournament against his rival KiWiKaKi.

StarCraft 2 A Korean of our own

After his victory in NASL Season 1, Lee "PuMa" Ho Joon became one of the first Korean professional's to sign with a team from outside of South Korea. To this day, this move is still considered one of the biggest in StarCraft 2 history, paving the road for Koreans to make their way to Europe and America and sign with international teams.

General EG Team EG announce Training House

Evil Geniuses announced the official opening of their StarCraft II training house in Phoenix, Arizona otherwise known as the "EG Lair", which housed various EG players from the StarCraft 2, Dota, and World of Warcraft teams since opening.

StarCraft 2 Rivals Shall Unite

The world of StarCraft 2 went abuzz wondering who EG's next player would be. The lead up to the announcement confirming the acquisition of Chris "HuK" Loranger from Team Liquid featured one of the first ARG-style marketing campaigns within pro gaming, which generated millions of page impressions within 54 hours. By this point, IdrA and HuK's rivalry had grown to epic proportions (Though the two were on good terms with one another), as had EG and Liquid's rivalry.

StarCraft 2 IEM Cologne

Lee "PuMa" Ho Joon didn't need long to settle as he made his first major tournament appearance in the EG blue at IEM Cologne. After cruising through the playoff bracket, he made his way into the Grand Finals where he would face MC who he just defeated at the NASL Season 1 finals. The result didn't change and PuMa dispatched his opponent, taking the series 3-0, and the Championship.

StarCraft 2 IdrA victorious at IEM Guangzhou

Lee "PuMa" Ho Joon entered into IEM Guangzhou ready to repeat as IEM champion, but this time, his teammate Greg "IdrA" Fields had other plans. They both made their way into the playoffs, where they would eventually be put up against one another in the semi-finals. Each game had the crowd on the edge of their seats, but IdrA came out on top in each one to advance to the Grand Finals where he would take on elfi from Finland. IdrA made relatively short work of his protoss opponent to bring home another title for EG.

StarCraft 2 EG dominates MLG Orlando

Any EG fan would tell you that MLG Orlando was one of the most memorable in the history of the StarCraft 2 team. Chris "HuK" Loranger, Greg "IdrA" Fields, and Lee "PuMa" Ho Joon all advanced to the Championship bracket in dramatic fashion. It wasn't the finals, but it very well could have been with the amount of excitement IdrA's narrow victory over the legend himself BoxeR brought to the tournament, which was considered one of the most exciting series of the entire event. Both IdrA and PuMa were eventually knocked out by MC, but it was HuK who would avenge his teammates to defeat the Korean to take the MLG Orlando title.

StarCraft 2 Champions of the East and West

October 21, 2011. - Evil Geniuses continued their wildly successful marketing campaigns after the announcement of their partnership with arguably the most popular Korean team SlayerS. This allowed the two teams to live and practice under the same roof, and compete in the GSTL together.

StarCraft 2 PuMa back-to-back champion at NASL Season 2

Lee "PuMa" Ho Joon was hungry to become back-to-back champion of the NASL. In the Season 2 finals, he defeated several notable names including his teammate Greg "IdrA" Fields on his way to the Grand Finals, where he faced none other than HerO, whom he had lost to in the DreamHack Winter finals only days earlier. This time, PuMa had control of the series from the start, and took both his revenge and the title as he won NASL for a second season in a row 4-2.

StarCraft 2 New player at the end of a year

Evil Geniuses added its second Korean player at the end of 2011, Park "JYP" Jin Young. A former teammate of PuMa, JYP was renowned for his skill against Protoss and Zerg players, and had recently broken into Code S.

Dota 2 Strong finish at The Defense Season 1

EG's first Top 3 finish in a premier tournament came in the first ever joinDOTA Defense. EG placed 3rd in a pool of 20 selected teams, losing only to Na'Vi, then the defending International champions, and the first iteration of Quantic.

StarCraft 2 The King in the North

Evil Geniuses announced their signing of Marcus "ThorZaIN" Eklöf. ThorZaIN was just coming off of a major victory at DreamHack Stockholm and was widely considered one of the best players hailing from Europe.

StarCraft 2 Better than the average wolf

Evil Geniuses displayed their belief in the importance of fostering up-an-coming talent from North America after acquiring the signature of Conan "Suppy" Liu whose popularity was soaring after his performance at MLG Anaheim where he was awarded the Breakout Player Award.

StarCraft 2 Stephano comes to EG

The community received several tips prior to the announcement that EG's new player was none other than Illyes "Stephano" Satouri, considered by a large majority of the community as the best player from outside of South Korea. However, the leaks didn't stop GJVR Films and Windrammer Productions from producing "Geniuses Falling", a mockumentary viewed by hundreds of thousands, which was used to announce the acquisition of the Frenchmen.

StarCraft 2 Stephano - Champion of Europe

Ilyes "Stephano" Satouri wasted no time in winning his first tournament as an EG player at the WCS Europe finals. While his new teammates Benjamin "DeMusliM" Baker and Marcus "ThorZaIN" Eklöf didn't have their best showings, it was the Frenchmen who carried the team on his shoulders after cruising to the Grand Finals where he would face VortiX. The Spaniard took the first set to reset the bracket and hand the EG player his first loss of the tournament, but Stephano would bounce back 2-0 in the final series to be crowned the WCS European champion.

Dota 2 EG claims first title

Evil Geniuses claimed its first major title against No Tidehunter, the team that would eventually become The International 3 champions known as Alliance, at the ROOT Gaming AVerMedia cup between eight invited Western teams.

Dota 2 EG runners-up in the D2L

In the inaugural season of the RaidCall D2L, Evil Geniuses went undefeated in the round-robin against the 7 other invited teams. During the playoffs, the team only lost to eventual champions, Empire, and would place 2nd after coming back through the Lower Bracket for a second shot.

Dota 2 Unforgettable performance in Sweden

Evil Geniuses 2nd place finish and overall performance at their second DreamHack was certainly not one to forget even though they lost to Alliance, then known as No Tidehunter, in the Grand Finals. Their unforgettable performance against Na'Vi in particular would go down in competitive Dota history, which included several moments that could only be seen to be believed.

StarCraft 2 Proleague and the Tyrant

The community erupted after Evil Geniuses announced they would be partnering for the upcoming season of the KeSPA Proleague with their bitter but friendly rivals Team Liquid. The "Unholy Alliance" was enough to shock most fans, but the subsequent announcement that the Brood War legend, Lee "Jaedong" Jae Dong, would be joining the team as well was enough to make the community question whether or not they had mistakenly entered another dimension or were just dreaming. This announcement was followed up a few days later with the signing of Kim "Revival" Dong Hyun to round out the EG roster.

Sponsorship Razer sponsors Evil Geniuses

After ending their relationship with longtime sponsor SteelSeries, Evil Geniuses partnered with Razer to further solidify their already-established dominance within e-Sports and reinforces their commitment to the ever-growing e-Sports industry.

Sponsorship Astro sponsors Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses announced their partnership with Astro with the release of "Sponsorship, iNc." - A behind-the-scenes look at how corporate sponsorship is dismantling the eSports industry from the inside created by GJVR Films and Windrammer Productions, the same production team who created "Geniuses Falling".

League of Legends EG takes 3rd at LCS Spring Finals

The Spring Season of the European LCS spanned over 10 weeks with 8 teams competing each week. The top 6 teams from this regular season were invited to compete in the playoffs. Evil Geniuses placed 3rd by defeating SK Gaming in the 3rd place decider match winning $15,000.

General EG Papa John's Pizza.GG Campaign

Evil Geniuses together with Papa John's announced their campaign to support eSports and earn prizes by offering people 50% off their pizza orders. Sales skyrocketed and the highest goals were reached within only a few short days.

StarCraft 2 EG signs Xenocider

In yet another move to foster North American talent, Evil Geniuses announced the signing of 15-year-old Libo "Xenocider" Chang who was slowly building a name for himself after earning wins against several top players. Prior to signing, he was persistent in contacting EG's management expressing his interest in joining and was eventually given a contract due to his consistent improvement and potential.

Sponsorship XMG sponsors Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses announced their partnership with XMG as their provider for high performance, gaming laptops.

StarCraft 2 IEM Shanghai

Evil Geniuses continued their dominance at IEM events in China with Revival's first major title. aLive, Oz, and Revival all advanced to the playoffs, but it was Oz and Revival that advanced to the Grand Finals with wins in the semi-finals over HerO and MC respectively. The Grand Finals was over swiftly, as Revival won 4-0 against his teammate.

StarCraft 2 Stephano retires

After a year of representing Evil Geniuses, Illyes “Stephano” Satouri officially retired from EG at the end of the month. In his last tournament wearing the EG shirt, he was knocked out earlier than expected and in an emotional final address, Stephano bid farewell to the game and a successful gaming career.

League of Legends EG finishes in 4th at LCS Summer Finals

The Summer Season of the European LCS spanned over nine weeks with 8 teams competing. The top 6 teams from this regular season earned a spot to compete in the playoffs. Evil Geniuses placed 4th place after losing a close series to Gambit in the 3rd place decider match and walked away with $10,000.

StarCraft 2 EG parts way to Hwanni/Trot and close Korean team house

After a successful tenure, Team EG announces that they will no longer be participating in the Korean leagues as usual. Both Hwanni and trOt were extremely vital to the success of the EG infrastructure in Korea, but the change in direction meant that all three parties must unfortunately part ways.

Sponsorship BenQ Sponsorship Announcement

Having the best peripherals available is key, and the next logical step was to upgrade the visual experience. BenQ was a clear choice. After having been involved in esports for so long, they recognized the advantage that could come from sponsoring a premier team like EG. BenQ committed to providing EG players and tournaments with top of the line gaming monitors to provide the best experience possible.

StarCraft 2 Jaedong gets 3-4th at WCS American Season 3

Jaedong had been competing in the American division of the 3rd season of WCS and had to face an insane lineup of opponents including Taeja, Polt, herO, NesTea, and Scarlett. Unfortunately, he was bested by ByuL 3-2 in the semi-finals, who would eventually go on to take second in the tournament.

StarCraft 2 Jaedong takes 2nd at WCS Global Finals

WCS Global Finals brings the best of the best to BlizzCon, and 2013's finals were no different. Everyone's favorite underdog was still searching for his first premier tournament first place finish, and what better stage to accomplish this than the Global Finals. He defeated Mvp, Dear and Maru very convincingly before facing sOs in the Grand Finals. A quick two victories from sOs had demoralized Jaedong quickly, and he was only able to take the middle game before conceding two more, and the championship.

Sponsorship DesignByHümans Sponsorship Announcement

Since Evil Geniuses' creation, fans have demanded a way to show their support for their favorite team. Bleeding Blue is a tradition, and Design By Hümans was the next evolution of apparel. Not only would fans have access to staples like the team jersey and the infamous JABBA shirt, but future designs focused on players and personalities would quickly arrive, and the inventory would be supplemented with phone cases too.

StarCraft 2 Jaedong wins ASUS ROG: NorthCon

At long last, Jaedong's perseverance pays off as he takes a first place finish in a premier tournament. Life, jjakji, INnoVation, MMA, Scarlett, and StarDust were just a few of the players that stood in his way. After topping his group by defeating StarDust and Nerchio, he took down INnoVation in a nail biting series 3-2 in the semifinals. He was able to defeat Scarlett, a top-tier Zerg, in with his infamous ZvJ style, 4-2. Finally, a crown at last.

League of Legends Wickd and Froggen leave

Without pressure, diamonds would never form, and sometimes recognizing that the recipe isn't working is exactly what you need to do. Wickd and Froggen decided to part ways with Snoopeh, Krepo, and Yellowpete, leaving the EG.LoL squad fractured. Wickd and Froggen would eventually go on to form the League of Legends squad for Alliance with Shook, Nyph, and Tabz.

League of Legends InnoX/Pobelter join and division moves to North America

With the League of Legends team fractured, Snoopeh and company decided to embark on a new adventure by relocating the team to North America. After deciding on the change, they recruited InnoX from NiD to replace Wickd and Pobelter from Curse to replace Froggen. The new squad competed in the NA LCS after having only a few weeks to practice and get into good form.

StarCraft 2 aLive/Oz/Revival depart from Evil Geniuses

The cornerstone of the EG-TL participation in Proleague was no doubt cemented with the recruitment of aLive, Oz, and Revival. With the closing of the Korean team house earlier, and the lack of future participation in the Proleague, it was mutually decided to part ways with the three Korean players.

CYBERPOWERPC Sponsorship Announcement

To play at peak performance, you need to the best tools available to accomplish the job. Whether it's training and practice or live competitions and tournaments, using the best computer ensures that you'll be playing at your apex. Partnering with CYBERPOWERPC enables all of the Evil Geniuses divisions to take advantage of superior hardware to gain every edge possible.

StarCraft 2 Jaedong gets 3-4th at IEM Season VIII - Cologne

Jaedong was seeded directly into stage two of the IEM event, being placed into group C with Polt, MaNa, and StarDust, Polt and Jaedong topped their group and were seeded into the Stage 3 quarterfinals, with Jaedong defeating Patience 3-2 in round 1. Unfortunately, Jaedong's next opponent would be the eventual victor of the tournament, herO, who would defeat him 3-2. Jaedong placed 3-4th in the tournament.


Ending months of speculation, EG officially acquired the SADBOYS Dota 2 team, adding mid player Artour "Arteezy" Babaev and supports Peter "ppd" Dager, and Ludwig "zai" Wahlberg. In concert with EG's carry Clinton "Fear" Loomis and offlane Saahil "UNiVeRsE" Arora, the SADBOYS team had gone on a monsterous 19-0 win streak at the start of 2014, including a first place finish at the Electronic Sports Prime's "Shock Therapy Cup" over Empire.

FGC That Killer Feeling

Justin Wong and Eduardo 'PR Balrog' Perez-Frangie once again proved themselves as fierce fighters outside of the Capcom franchise stable with an incredible first and second place finish in Final Round's Killer Instinct tournament. While RG.Filipino Champ managed to send Justin to Losers during the early matches of Top 8, he rallied back, capping off the tournament with a bracket reset and victory against PR Balrog. Both players also managed placements in several other games at the tournament, including 2nd place finishes for PR Balrog (and 4th place finishes for Justin) in both AE and UMvC3.

Dota 2 Monster SXSW

Shortly after the acquisition of EG's new Dota 2 team, the squad was sent to Austin, Texas to compete in the Monster Energy Gaming Invitation. A three day LAN held live at SXSW, the Monster Invitation pit EG against three of the top North American teams to determine the King of the America circuit. EG handily defeated their first round opponent, eHUG, but fell against reigning MLG Columbus champions, Cloud 9, in the Winners' Finals. The team earned a rematch against Cloud 9 by sweeping Team Liquid in the Losers' Final. Emerging victorious in an intense 3-2 set, the new EG DotA team took home their first LAN championship.

Dota 2 EG places 1st in MLG T.K.O. America

April 5, 2014. Evil Geniuses solidified its position atop the American Dota 2 scene with another resounding victory at the MLG T.K.O. where they again bested North American rivals eHUG, Cloud9, and Liquid.

StarCraft 2 EG finishes 3rd in Star Ladder Star Series Season 9

Despite Evil Geniuses' stranglehold on the American DotA scene, the team was unproven on the international circuit. The Global Finals for StarSeries IX would be the team's first time playing against elite European teams in a neutral LAN setting and its first encounter with Eastern representatives. EG proved it was the real deal by finishing 3rd after topping its group and knocking TI3 champions Alliance out of Winners' Bracket.

FGC Blasting Through NCR

Team EG came to this year's NorCal Regionals in force, demolishing much of the competition in AE this year. Finishing first was Eduardo "PR Balrog" Perez-Frangie, who managed an impressive bracket reset victory over Infiltration - the player that managed to send him to Losers in the final match of the tournament's Winners bracket. PR Balrog's Evil Ryu was also responsible for eliminating fellow teammate Justin Wong from the competition (who ended up finishing 3rd), with Ricky Ortiz and Kenneth "K-Brad" Bradley following close behind in 4th and 5th. In addition to his 3rd place finish in AE, Justin smashed the competition in UMvC3, taking the victory over UGC.Cloud805 and RG.Filipino Champ.

StarCraft 2 Jaedong gets 3-4th at DreamHack Open: Bucharest

Evil Geniuses' Jaedong makes another strong run in a major StarCraft 2 tournament making 3rd/4th place at the event in Europe. The top 4 finish for Jaedong brought him much needed WCS points for the 2014 season.

FGC Ricky's Time to Shine

East Coast Throwdown gave Ricky Ortiz her time to shine, as her powerful Rufus flawlessy steamrolled through the AE tournament in Winners. Finally sealing the deal was a 3-1 victory over PIE.Zeus in Grand Finals. No bracket reset for you!

FGC First Ultra Tournament = First Ultra Victory

The Windy City of Chicago played host to some of the FGC's fiercest warriors for the final UFGT competition, including members of Team EG's Fighting Game Division. Justin Wong proved his capabilities to adapt to new challenges with a 1st-place finish in the world's first official Ultra Street Fighter IV tournament - using brand new character Elena to take down veteran Ryan Hart's Sagat. While he couldn't quite repeat that victory in the AE tournament (ending up finishing 3rd behind Ryan Hart and Wolfkrone), he did manage to successfully capture the KI title following a series of tense brawls against veteran FGC icon LU.Alex Valle. Eduardo "PR Balrog" Perez-Frangie also had a strong showing in Chicago, blasting through the UMvC3 competition for a 1st place finish over CTRL.RayRay.

CoD: Ghosts Extreme Geniuses - EG Takes Bronze Medal at X Games

In the inaugural X-Games Invitational, at their first event as Evil Geniuses, the reigning Call of Duty World Champions headed into Austin, TX looking to capture a prestigious gold medal. Unfortunately, after a tough loss to OpTic Gaming, EG would defeat Team EnVyUs in a close match to take home third place and an X-Games bronze medal

Dota 2 EG finishes 1st at The Summit

Evil Geniuses solidified itself as not only the best teams in the West, but one of the favorites for The International 2014 by finishing 1st at The Summit. The cozy LAN event, inspired by the HomeStoryCup, saw EG avenge its loss to DK at StarLadder with a 3-2 victory in the Grand Finals.

StarCraft 2 Jaedong gets 3-4th at DreamHack Open: Summer

Jaedong makes another deep run at Dreamhack in 2014, escaping a fairly stacked group in the third group stage of Hyun, Bunny, and Balloon. He would make it to the playoffs and beat Scarlett and Mana before losing to Taeja and taking 3rd/4th place and another handful of WCS points.

CoD: Ghosts California Love - EG Captures CoD League Season 2 Title

At the Call of Duty League Season 2 Playoffs at MLG Anaheim, Evil Geniuses looked to rebound from a third place finish at the X-Games Invitational. The squad dominated the competition up until the finals where they encountered OpTic Gaming. The eventual X-Games gold medalists forced a continuation series, but Evil Geniuses dug down deep and emerged victorious and champions of Season 2.

Dota 2 EG finishes 1st at the HyperX D2L Western Challenge

Evil Geniuses took it's second Dota 2 title for the month with a victory over three time TI grand finalists Na'Vi. EG went undefeated in the playoffs, and Na'Vi was the only team to score a win against EG during the group stage of the Western Challenge.

Dota 2 EG finishes 2nd at ESL One Frankfurt

Evil Geniuses capped off a busy June with a 2nd place finish at ESL One Frankfurt. As the last major LAN before The International 2014, eyes were on EG to see if they had recovered from a disasterous DreamHack performance. Evil Geniuses delivered by taking down Na'Vi and then defeating Fnatic's inframous Meepo strat twice. However EG was stunned 2-1 in the Grand Finals by a resurgent Invictus Gaming who regained their 2012 championship form.

FGC World Warrior Momochi Strikes Back

This year's CEO didn't disappoint for Team EG's Fighting Game Division. The team's world warrior, Yusuke Momochi, once again touched down in Orlando this year with the intention of a strong showing against some of the world's finest players. He certainly delivered, leading up the squad in 2nd place for the event's Ultra SF4 tournament. Justin Wong also managed to add another notch to his KI winnings belt, finishing in 1st place via a teamkill against none other than Eduardo "PR Balrog" Perez-Frangie.

StarCraft 2 HuK gets 3-4th at Red Bull Battle Grounds: Atlanta

Evil Geniuses' Protoss HuK makes a strong showing at Red Bull Battle Ground: Atlanta and finishes in 3rd/4th place against a strong field of foreigners and Koreans alike. HuK beat Chinese star Toodming, to make it to top 4 only losing to Polt who elminated him from the tournament.

FGC Return of the Wong Factor

The Wong Factor strikes again. EVO 2014 will go down in history as one of the most hype UMvC tournaments in history - and the reason for that is none other than Team EG's Justin Wong. While his 1st place finish over GG.NYChrisG won him the tournament title, it was his previous match - the come-from-behind single-character victory won against RC.Filipino Champ - that had people talking for months afterward. Team EG's newest Fighting Game Division member, Kevin "PPMD" Nanney, also had an impressive showing - battling his way to a 4th place finish in Melee.

Dota 2 EG finishes 3rd at The International 2014

The biggest Dota 2 event of the year became the biggest eSports event ever when the crowd funded compendium pushed the $1M prize pool to amounts in excess of $10M USD. Evil Geniuses defended American home court valiantly, emerging out of the group stages with 2nd seed and defeating Chinese favorites DK to advance to the Winners' Finals. However EG finished in 3rd after consecutive losses to eventual champions NewBee and runner-up Vici Gaming. EG finished highest amongst all Western teams and was the best placing ever for a North American team at The International.

StarCraft 2 Jaedong wins the World E-sport Championship 2014

The World E-Sport Championship was no easy task to get into. To qualify Jaedong had to win in the Korean qualifiers, and that he did beating the likes of Leenock, Bomber, and Alecia. Jaedong went on to win a championship in 2014 by beating out an international line-up in this Chinese event. He lost to Snute in the winners finals but fought his way back beating rival HerO to get to the grand finals and win his first major tournament of 2014.

Dota 2 EG finishes 1st at World E-sport Championship 2014

The World E-Sport Championship was the first premier Dota 2 tournament since TI4, and marked carry player Fear's return to the team. EG proved that they were not only the best in the West, but one of the best in the world as they rolled to first place. Vici Gaming, the TI4 runner-ups who eliminated EG at Seattle, knocked EG to the lower bracket in the first round, but revenge would be swift. EG proceeded to sweep Hyper Glory, Na'Vi, reigning TI4 champs Newbee, and Vici en route to the Grand Finals. Once there, EG managed to reset the bracket against Cloud 9 with a 2-1 set, and secured the trophy with yet another 2-0.

Dota 2 EG finishes 2nd at ESL New York

The bright lights of Madison Square Garden shine on some of the world's greatest stars, and EG would join those illustrious ranks with a 2nd place finish at ESL One New York. One of the most drastic patches in DotA history together with new teams having another month to find their identity made things far more difficult for EG at ESL compared to WEC just one month prior. However EG managed to rally through to secure a place in the Grand Finals by beating both Alliance and Cloud 9. Once there they met Vici Gaming once again, but were unable to defeat the Chinese giants this time around.

Dota 2 EG finishes 1st at Star Series Season X

Despite dominating the American region for most of Season X, EG barely made it Kiev over SNA when the regional finals ended 3-2, including a Winners' Bracket advantage for EG. EG pushed through rough travel conditions and got down to business in Ukraine by winning the group of death. Team Secret managed to knock EG into the Losers' Bracket, but EG defeated Cloud 9 to earn a rematch at the Grand Finals. Strong Lycan play from Artour "Arteezy" Babaev helped EG beat Secret 3-2 take take 1st place despite Secret's one game advantage.

HotS EG welcomes Heroes of the Storm team & Places 2nd at BlizzCon Tournament

CoD: Ghosts Ending On A High Note: EG Wins ESWC

Going into the final international tournament for Call of Duty: Ghosts, EG traveled to Paris, France looking to close out the season with a victory. After advancing from the group stage, EG made the grand finals with ease. In the culminating match of an entire year of Ghosts, EG vanquished TCM Gaming 3-1 and finished atop the Call of Duty scene.

Halo EG welcomes Halo team

Welcome Home, John: EG Enters the HCS - Halo eSports reemerged in the form of the Halo Championship Series. Evil Geniuses entered the fray acquiring established players Snipedown, Roy, Lunchbox, and Pistola. The team features three of the Halo: Reach dynasty known as Instinct.

Dota 2 EG finishes 1st at ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 2

EG had a little more difficulty than usual qualifying out of the American region for the second season of DreamLeague because Cloud 9 was classified as an American team rather than a European team for this event. However EG easily made it through the regionals, and tied C9 for top seed for the main event during the round-robin. EG's domination continued as they only lost one map during DreamHack Winter 2014, sweeping both VP.Polar and VP before taking C9 down 3-1. DreamHack was EG's third premier Dota 2 tournament championship this year.

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    We are comprised of the most talented, fun, passionate, and hard-working people within e-sports.

    The creative videos, engaging articles, exciting campaigns, and industry-defining sponsor relations all came from the people shown below. They have turned Evil Geniuses into what it is today: the most successful e-sports team and media agency in the business. Ask any of our staff what EG means to them, and you'll get many different answers. But in the end, when we sit around the table and discuss our ideas, we produce undeniable value and excitement to both the sponsors who collaborate with us and the fans who witness our players' online and offline greatness in tournaments around the world.

    Alexander Garfield CEO
    Colin DeShong Chief Operating Officer
    Brandon Freytag Business Development
    Lucas Bigham Editor-in-Chief
    Anna Prosser-Robinson Creative media
    & PR Management
    Sean Green Photographer
    & Video Producer
    Antonio Javier Player &
    Account Manager (FGC)
    Kelby May Player &
    Account Manager (HALO)
    Gianni Rosheuvel Tournament
    & Campaign Administration
    James Cuthbert Player Manager
    Drew Ziegler Tournament Administration
    & VOD Handling
    Charlie Yang Player & Account Manager
    Finance Manager
    Ryan Towey Coach & Player Manager
    Will Partin Social Media Manager
    Web Content
    Developer (SC2/DOTA)
    Michael Dorrill Senior Web Content Developer (HOTS)
    Michael Migliacio Web Content
    Developer (FGC)
    Chris Paredes Web Content
    Developer (DOTA)
    Phil Aram Coach & Player Manager
    Jason Stewart Web Content
    Developer (FGC/DOTA)
    Web Content
    Developer (SC2)
    Web Content
    Developer (HALO/HOTS)
    Web Content
    Developer (HALO/FGC)

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